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A most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for helping to make this year's After Prom an amazing

"Voyage ThrU Time" for our students!!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, who volunteered was crucial to the success of this event:

  • taking on decorating a room and planning how to make it special for the kids (please pass on our thanks to your whole team!)
  • coordinating the fundraising letter, the phone-a-thon, and advanced registration
  • coordinating all the furniture needs from the school
  • coordinating the menu for the kids
  • keeping the volunteers fed and hydrated
  • unloading the multitude of props from our storage shed & trailer
  • hanging electrical wires so our games, accent lights and movies would work safely
  • helping with set up on Friday & Saturday
  • checking kids in and handling registration glitches with a smile
  • working at the various after prom stations until 2am and pitching in wherever needed
  • and last but certainly not least, helping with the massive take down and clean up effort. 

We truly couldn't have done it without you!  More than once, I heard kids say "I don't know where I am in the school", "There's so much to do" and "Wow, look at that!" If you have any doubt that the part you played made a huge difference, just take a look at the faces of the kids in this slide show from After Prom (thank you Bill Tsai my last minute hero).  The After Prom program is also attached.

Thank you, thank you once again!

Most sincerely,

Luci McClure, Lynda Nadin & Angela Blecher, Co-Chairs












Scholarship and Car winner photos from 2019-- Congratulations!


After Prom program link:

2019 After Prom Booklet.pdf