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The yearbook is a school run club that for the last 90 years have captured the memories and moments that make going to school in Unionville special. This site is made to help people get their hands on the documents and information to get your copy.

The staff is made up of multiple grades bringing together motivated students who work very hard to put our best book forward.


Dates & Portrait Info

*Please note that student photos are taken by Lifetouch and not by the high school or the yearbook staff. Prestige portraits is the company that handles senior portraits. For specific questions about choosing poses and scheduling please contact them by

phone: Scheduling 1-800-687-9327,
Customer service 1-800-736-4775
for pose selection use:


Important Dates

Sep: Senior portrait retakes. Scheduled through Prestige portraits (lifetouch). For scheduling/ rescheduling or other questions call 1-800-687-9327 (check with school for exact date)
Oct: last day to have pictures taken at UHS (pulled out of class not scheduled). All missed senior portraits will need to be scheduled with lifetouch at one of their locations after this date. (Note: Pictures taken off site after January can not be guaranteed to make it in the book and will be determined based on when they were received.) (check with school for exact date)
Nov. 23: Last day to physically submit a parent dedication. To be done by the yearbook staff. Requests received after this time can't be guaranteed without contact from yearbook adviser.
Nov. 30: Last day to reserve a book at the lower ($85) price. Also early yearbook purchases have the option to add their name to the cover (imprint). After November the price for the book goes up to $95. *Note: a partial payment may be used to lock in the lower price, add name to cover and reserve your copy.


Dec. 15: Deadline for parent dedications (digital). These dedications are done by you at home and do not require the staff to scan photos or enter your message. *Note: Only this option allows for credit card payment.
Mar. 31: The final day for submission. The book is sent off to be printed for May distribution on this day.

Contact Us

The yearbook is advised by two people, Louis Stamis and Besty Hickman. Louis is an art teacher and is in charge of design and content of the book and Betsy is an English teacher and is charge of parent dedications and distribution of the book. If you have any questions please email us at:

-For design or content questions contact Louis Stamis at

-For purchase and dedications questions contact Betsy Hickman at