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Hello my name is Mrs. DiFilippo, you will find me in the Writing Center located in Room 216.

I am always there to assist you with any writing, research or school projects you may have.

You are welcome in the Writing Center during any study hall, lunch period and also during homeroom.

The Writing Center is unique as long as you come before the bell rings you will not need a pass and may come directly to the Writing Center instead of checking into studyhall first. Just remember any time after the bell rings to start the period you will be required to bring a pass with you to sign into the Writing Center.

Don’t need a computer? - Looking for a place to read?

Perfect... pull up a bean bag chair or sit at one of the tables.

Perhaps you need construction paper, glue, markers etc. for a project? I have that too.

The Writing Center is the “Rite” place for all of your school projects!

Remember if you need a new idea or if you have learned a new web skill for a project in class or the WC and you are looking for the directions you will find them under Project Help & Ideas.

The Writing Center website has many helpful links to assist you with all of your writing, research and assignments, I am also always available to help you. The helpful links are located on the right hand side simply click on the link you need for information or help, but please remember to stop by and check out YOUR WRITING CENTER!!!

Mrs. DiFilippo (Mrs. D)

UHS Writing Center Specialist

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Writing Is easier than you think...

UHS Writing Center Room #216

Kathy DiFilippo

Writing Center Specialist