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Peer Tutoring

Mission Statement:

To give all an equal opportunity at education, through the best tool we have—each other. 

- We hope that our service can provide a better quality of education and help students who may struggle to learn course material by themselves.

- With the ongoing lockdown, teachers often do not have the same teaching resources as they would in a physical classroom. This diverts individual attention given to students and especially affects students that need more help. 

- This club will work to connect these students to their peers in an online environment. Peer tutoring yields many benefits as the National Education Association states that peer tutoring leads to higher levels of academic achievement. This is because it offers substantially higher amounts of individual attention to students than traditional classroom instruction (this attention is even less due to COVID-19). 

 - This club also provides a great opportunity to earn service hours virtually. Earning service hours has been an issue in the pandemic.


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Thomaz Bonato (


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