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CLASS OF 2023 - College App Resources

Request to Submit Mid-Year Grades

Some colleges ask students to update their application files and submit mid-year grades. Use the form linked here to submit a request to your school counselor for your mid-year grades to be processed. 

Class of 2023 Senior Seminar Presentation

Class of 2023 Processing College Applications Sheet


Need to schedule your SENIOR CONFERENCE?  Stop by the UHS Counseling Center and schedule an appointment in person or use our calendly links to make an appointment.

12th Grade
Class of 2023
Calendly Links
C.Miller A-C
R.Findora D-Har
A.Hessenauer Has-J
M.Albrand K-N
L.Elfreth O-Sm
C.Spiegel Sn-z


Pink Sheets 

Please fill ONE pink sheet for every school you are applying to. These must be submitted 10 school days prior to the college's deadline. 

Mrs. Miller Pink Sheet

Mr. Findora Pink Sheet

Mrs. Hessenauer Pink Sheet

Mrs. Albrand Pink Sheet 

Mrs. Elfreth Pink Sheet

Ms. Spiegel Pink Sheet