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The word Art is Often associated with drawings, paintings, sculpture and the skills required to produce such work. In the past, art courses have been seen as only benefiting those with "talent." Recent evidence has shown a changing attitude for art in our society and who benefits from creating it. 

Properly utilized, art can promote visualization techniques capable of enhancing creative thinking for all students. Art is becoming recognized as promoting or supporting professions in science, business, medicine, writing, music and history.

Among supportive data, the Center for Creative Leadership, in Greensboro, N.C., cites that over fifty percent of the five hundred largest American companies now have formal programs for creativity training.  The University of PA requires a figure-drawing class for pre-med students.  There is an acknowledged relationship between the drawing skills acquired in the course and the observation skills necessary in medicine.  Architectural and engineering firms are seeking to employ more creative job candidates. 

Students considering careers in these fields should be advised to schedule art classes in their educational program.  Here at Unionville High School we offer exceptional courses that emphasize visual education.  Selection of a full-year, Art course, level I-IV course will not only promote creative thinking but also fulfill a graduation requirement.  A semester Art class will partially serve the need for the five elective credits also required for graduation.  In both full and semester courses, you may choose either two or three dimensional emphasis. We invite everyone to learn to appreciate the value of art courses.



A drawing done by a student on their first day of art as a freshman and a self-portrait done as a senior