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Academically Talented (AT)

Welcome to the Academically Talented Program homepage.
The purpose of this site is to make a variety of resources more easily accessible to teachers, gifted students and their parents, as well as to other students looking for challenging opportunities to extend their intellectual promise.

The Academically Talented (AT) program meets the needs of identified gifted students in multiple ways. At its base, our honors and AP level courses provide strong curricular programs that include differentiation and meet most students' needs. For students whose potential exceeds our curricular offerings, we can use a GIEP to create additional opportunities through enrichment and/or acceleration to help the students achieve a meaningful educational benefit.

The AT room is available to students during their non-instructional periods to provide a space where they can interact with their gifted peers outside of the classroom and where they can work with me to understand themselves as gifted learners and how to use their strengths to distinguish themselves at UHS. I can offer support in a number of areas including:
  • GIEP implementation
  • Schedule planning/ mapping (in conjunction with the counselor)
  • Managing a challenging schedule
  • Grade-to-grade transitions
  • Enrichment opportunities- see the list of summer options on the left
  • Academic support
  • Support in the college application process
  • Proofreading of application/ internship/ scholarship essays
  • Questions or concerns related to gifted learners
  • Brainstorming/ problem-solving of unique situations

I look forward to working with AT students and their parents.

Katie Deldotto
Gifted Support Teacher

Department Staff

Katie Deldotto

English Teacher