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The curriculum at Unionville High School is rigorous and demanding. Programs contain a core of content and skills that must be met by all students, regardless of the academic level of the course. Courses are designed to prepare students for the pursuit of further study. To fulfill graduation requirements, a student must earn a minimum of 22 credits. Required course distribution includes four English courses, four Social Studies courses, three Mathematics courses, three Science courses, one course in the Arts and Humanities, four courses in Health and Physical Education, and electives. Advanced Placement courses in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Language, Literature and Composition, Economics, Government, U.S. History, Calculus, French, and Spanish are offered. Course sequences have prerequisites and minimum grade requirements before a student can proceed to the next level. Advanced Placement and Honors level courses are available to qualified students.


As the school year comes to a close, students should review final grades and evaluate course requests and prerequisites for the 2018-2019 school year.

Students can submit a REQUEST FOR COURSE LEVEL CHANGE or GRADE PREREQUISITE WAIVER AGREEMENT from June 15 - June 25. Course requests are tentative and students MUST meet the prerequisites at the end of this school year in order to be eligible for certain courses next year. Students are responsible for checking final grades and course prerequisites for their current course requests. Students who do not meet the prerequisites at the end of the year will be placed into the appropriate course unless a Grade Prerequisite Waiver Agreement is submitted by June 25. The forms are linked in this email and available on the UHS website.

Submit a REQUEST FOR COURSE LEVEL CHANGE if you want to change the level of a course and meet the prerequisite for this course.

Example of course level changes include:

  • 9 Honors to English 9 Academic *
  • Algebra II Honors to Algebra II Accelerated
  • English 9 Honors to English 9 Academic

*If you are requesting a level change that requires a Grade Prerequisite Waiver Agreement, a course level change is not necessary.

Submit a GRADE PREREQUISITE WAIVER AGREEMENT if you want to request a course for which you do not meet the grade prerequisite. Remember it is the student's responsibility to check prerequisites. If a student does not meet the grade prerequisite for the requested course, they must complete the Grade Prerequisite Waiver Agreement by June 25th or they will be moved to the level for which they qualify per the prerequisite.