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December Catching "U" Up

With Winter Break only a few short weeks away, a buzzing excitement fills the air throughout the hallways of Unionville High School. While last minute shopping trips and endless present wrapping will consume our time over the next few weeks, I wanted to pause and take this opportunity to offer my personal wishes of Seasons Greetings and hopes that you and your family have a happy and healthy New Year! In whatever way that your family celebrates this time away from school, I hope that it provides all members of the UHS family with countless opportunities for memory making that are filled with laughter and fun.

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November Catching "U" Up

Now that Halloween has passed (although the dreaded Halloween candy will linger for weeks), and as Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, I wanted to share my personal wishes of thanks to all UHS families and students. Your children come to our high school each morning with a positive attitude toward learning, with a kind word and a smile for each staff member, and with a goodness of heart that refreshes and renews our building each day. For all of those things, our UHS Family gives thanks!

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